Exporting to you

Established as one of the largest producers of prepared salad in Australia, we produce convenient salads of the highest quality and safety standards.

We are the only critical care salad producer in Australia growing the majority of our salad on our own farms. Because we control the process from seed to harvest, through to manufacturing and logistics, we can offer superior quality and service.

We are excited about bringing our healthy, highly convenient products to customers internationally. 

Who we are

After 25 years, Houston’s Farm has grown to become one of the three largest prepared salad producers in Australia.

We are a sophisticated fresh food company supplying convenient, innovative and tasty meals to delight busy consumers.

Safety Assured

Our processing facilities around Australia have fully accredited critical care capabilities and have obtained all major Australian supermarket accreditation.

Quality and safety is at the heart of everything we do and our Quality Assurance team continue to be at the cutting edge of enhancing food safety.

Export Capabilities

With international distribution capabilities, we work with customers internationally to provide high quality products in our brand or customer branded private label.

We are currently focused on Hong Kong and Singapore markets, with capabilities across East Asia.