Salmonella NOT associated with our products

A food safety recall has been initiated today for specific Coles and Woolworths private-label fresh-cut salad products.

Consumers need to be reassured that while Houston’s Farm supplies both supermarket chains, the affected products are produced by a Victorian company, not Houston’s Farm.

In 25 years of fresh-cut salad production, Houston’s has never had a case of salmonella.

Houston’s Farm is a vertically integrated grower and processor of fresh-cut salad products based in Tasmania.

We are fully aware of the microbial food safety risks associated with salmonella.

We have in place field and factory procedures of the highest standard to minimise any food safety risk.

These include a rigorous testing program to regularly monitor our activities and ensure that our products are safe for consumers­­­.

We sympathise with the people concerned and also our interstate competitors who are no doubt doing all they can to assist in relation to this incident.

We hope that consumers are not deterred from purchasing these otherwise very healthy and popular salad products.

For all media enquiries please refer to Allison Clark Mob: 0408 146 750.